Canada Rocks!

Celebrating Canada Day (a little late) with some childhood favorites courtesy of me mum and dad who brought treats back from their weekend visit to their hometown in PQ. Best item in the lot is the bag of Canadian cheddar cheese curds.  Cheese curds, also known as Squeaky Cheese have a soft and moist texture that, upon taking a bite, makes a squeaking sound in your mouth.  It’s a really nice mild cheese that melts incredibly well.  You can snack on it right out of the bag or add it to a plate of spaghetti and sauce or a bowl of tomato vegetable soup or any variety of dishes where melted gooey cheese would be an enhancement.  Tonight we will be making Poutine for dinner,

Yum Yum salt & vinegar chips, Jos Louis and Ah Caramel snack cakes and Canadian Cheese Curds

a traditional Canadian dish served in most restaurants and made at home too.  The melange of french fries, gravy and cheese makes for a perfect dish of simple comfort food.


  • french fries
  • poutine gravy mix (or brown gravy mix)
  • Canadian cheddar cheese curds
  1. Cook fries according to package directions.  Or make them homemade for a more authentic experience.
  2. Cook gravy mix according to package directions
  3. Layer fries and cheese in a bowl and pour gravy atop.
  4. Mmmm.

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